disguise /dɪsˈgʌɪz/ :
1. the art of knowing how to hide in plain sight.

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i wrote a thing. it’s less NC17 than you can hope, probably, but still it’s a progress for me :)

Title: you leave me voiceless
Pairing: Seungyoon/Taehyun
Raiting: NC17
Lenght: 1K+, one shot
Genre: Romance
Summary: Seungyoon has lost his voice lately. It’s not just because he worked too hard for Winner debut, though.

LJ: (
Seungyoon knew his voice cracked a lot those days. … He wished he could only blame the tight schedule, but this wasn’t the case. It was his boyfriend’s fault, actually.)


Lee Jong Suk for Nylon TV (Oct 2014) - Part 1


Translator: hitoritabi
Translation note: What a great interview of renewed determination. :)


For quite some time now, whenever he was in a drama, there is a sadness in Lee Jong Suk’s eyes. Starting from ‘School 2013’, his life on the screen has never had a smooth upbringing. Either he’s made all the wrong decisions because he was afraid that his best friend in the world would leave him, or he’s living in w rod where he’s forced to hear the thoughts of everyone else. Then he would be living in a hell-like state just to save the woman he loves.

"Each and every character had his own sad tale; not even one of them has both parents alive and well. My heart hurts when thinking about the characters, even now. Perhaps I’m the only one who feels this way, but maybe that’s the reason the characters remain in people’s hearts?“

The upbringing of these characters can hardly be called ‘smooth’, but they fiercely protect what they perceive to be important. Therefore, even after the drama ends, his characters take up residence in the viewers’ hearts, and it’s rather hard to forget them. 

This is all the more true for his most recent role in ‘Doctor Stranger’. When he was playing Park Hoon, the North Korean doctor who fights for love above all, there was a scene where he cried uncontrollably, so much so that he lost his voice. He said, this man only needed his lover Jaehee and his father died so that he could take her away; he is such a pitiful character.

He calls this drama ‘a painful finger’; it not only gave him pain, but it also motivated him to grow. Song Kang Ho, who played his father in ‘The Face Reader’, texted him to praise him for his acting. Among the television drama airing it that timeslot, it also got first place. It could be said that he gained critical approval and popularity from the experience. However, Lee Jong Suk said, it only left him with ‘an emptiness like his soul has departed from his body.’

”During the filming of that drama, I received an amount of praise, but strangely, it made me scared to act afterwards. I love acting, but am I really good at it? Is this what sunbaes call a slump? I kept thinking about that.”

When he was filming’ Hot Young Bloods’, he had a bout of insomnia and pulled a script out of a pile of offers. His intent was to read one episode and then drift off to sleep but he got so wrapped up in the story that he read all the way to the end of episode two. A fateful encounter with ‘Doctor Stranger’. During this interview, I asked a lot of questions but his answers always went back to acting. When I asked him if he would considering resting a bit before moving onto his next fateful piece of work, he shook his head without a shred of hesitation, but with strong conviction.

"Insecurities and doubts would eventually pass. If I live my days in fear then I would become ever more timid. More than anything else, I have the gut feeling that I have to just stand up and continue forward.

Nylon: ‘Doctor Stranger’ ended two months ago. Yet you’ve been talking about it since we began this interview.

Jongsuk: It’s the same after the ending of each project. But I admit that Park Hoon is currently still in my heart; he’s been difficult to send away. I received this script last October; I even changed my hair three times to adapt to the different phases of the character. I participated in the costume design for him… there’s just a lot of leftover feelings.

Nylon: On the drama set, I hear that you would record your own work with a camera to monitor your performance, how much does that help?

Jongsuk: I have started live monitoring my performances since IHYV; I would find places that are not working as well, so that I could at least improve in the next performance. The amazing thing is no matter how tired I am with filming, my stress would be alleviated once I watch the episode airing. It is then that I get a concrete feeling of being alive.

Nylon: But in the end, characters become complete through the process.

Jongsuk: Many sunbaes have said similar things to me. The character you create in the first four episodes has to sustain you for 20 episodes. Usually scripts come out more and more rushed in the later episodes, so you must focus and nail down your character in the beginning.

To be honest, there’s no one single way to create a character. It just comes down to bringing the script everywhere with you and painting an increasingly detailed picture of the character in your head — even months before the production begins. You sketch it out again and again, try to figure out the background of the character, the situations he would get into, his personality… then at some moment, you’ll feel that you’ve taken one step closer to the character.

Nylon:  How aware are you towards the reactions to your performance? Do you also monitor them like how you do monitoring on set?

Jongsuk: I read almost all news articles and reviews, even blog posts. There’s one particular thing that’s interesting about receiving feedback. For the second half of [Doctor Stranger], the scripts actually came out rather rushed, it was quite difficult to memorize the lines, let alone focus on building character. So I would have to rely on the earlier characterizations to survive to the end. Once audiences are invested in the character, they would be able to add their own weight to the dialogue or the actions. Even when I may not have thought that deeply before acting that way in the scene, the audience would be extrapolate further implications. It’s very interesting to read.

Nylon: For example, the loveline between Namsoon and Heungsoo in ‘School 2013’?

Jongsuk: Women have always liked bromances, haven’t they? When filming ‘School 2013’, someone released a cut version of all the scenes between Namsoon and Heungsoo. Even watching it myself, I feel that Namsoon and Heungsoo act like they are in a love story. Even though it is a friendship, it’s deeper than just a friendship. Hehe.

Nylon: The theme for Nylon’s October issue is TV ISSUE. This must be a familiar topic for you.

Jongsuk: Yep, I’ve liked watching TV since I before debut.

Nylon: You even commented on a talk show that if you wanted to go on a date, you’d just watch ‘Jjak’ (a dating show), and if you wanted to go on a trip, you’d watch ‘Law of the Jungle’.

Jongsuk: Yes. ‘Jjak’ has ended now, but I still watch ‘Law of the Jungle’ frequently. Besides that, I watch almost all variety shows. I like ‘Radio Star’, ‘Happy Together 3’ and some other child-raising varieties.

Nylon: How about you don’t just watch, but actually go to the jungle?

Jongsuk: Kwanghee invited me to go once, but not just for a short while, it was for 2 weeks! If it was just 3 days then it’d be fine, but the biggest problem would be shaving. My stubble grows out really fast. After all, I’m an idol actor in his twenties, wouldn’t it seem a little weird to be filmed with unkempt stubble like that? Haha.

Nylon: What’s the show you’re most into as an audience these days?

Jongsuk: ‘Sherlock’! I can’t believe I’ve only watched it now! I started with season 1 and now I only have the last episode of season 3 left. Of course the plot is great, but Benedict Cumberbatch is really an actor that gets more charming the longer you watch him.

“I think it’s always nice to have him standing out and just being a bit weird. I think it also — when you are constantly reminded of who he is and that he doesn’t belong here, it’s also helpful because you forgive the fact that he is occasionally just a dick. You know? And when you see him looking out of place and being weird, you forgive him a little.”

Tom Mison on Ichabod’s Revolutionary era clothing (via thedevilstrouser)